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Audio Visual Entrainment

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"Audio Visual Entrainment devices have been shown to influence by varying degrees brain activity associated with (a) dissociation/hypnotic states, (b) autonomic nervous system calming/meditative states, (c) increased cerebral blood flow, and (d) increased neurotransmitter activity."

- David Siever

Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) is a powerful and effective 20 to 30 minute neuro-training technique.

AVE graphicDuring the training your visual senses are stimulated via synchronous, hemispheric-specific flashing lights as your auditory senses are stimulated with pulsing frequency sounds.

These act on a relay system in the brain known as the cortical-thalamic rhythm. AVE has the ability to intervene on the cortical-thalamic rhythm, slowing or speeding it, gently guiding the brain into various brain patterns.

For more information visit: www.mindalive.com


Audio Visual Entrainment: