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Enhanced Performance Training®
Maximize your Potential with Transformative Bio- and Neuro-Technologies

Welcome to the Bay Area's Enhanced Performance Training®

Since 2005, EPT has provided safe effective biofeedback and neurofeedback services to help individuals reach their full business and academic potential, build resilience and stamina and improve their health quotient.

We offer unrivaled experience and technical expertise along with bio- and neuro-transformative technologies to help you reach your health and performance goals.

Gain a Competitive Edge

You can handle anything and are at the top of your field but want to go beyond your baseline performance.

Enhanced Performance Training® gives you cost-effective skills to work smarter and recover faster through brain and physiological self-regulation.

By mastering how your brain, mind and body function together you can:

  • increase focus
  • attention
  • creativity
  • stamina
  • resilience
  • and recovery

Unlock Your Brain's Potential

You are dedicated and determined to reach your academic dreams. You study hard and put your heart into everything you do yet you get this sense that you are capable of more.

Through a step-by-step training program Enhanced Performance Training® will teach you how to overcome obstacles and use your body and brain to:

  • build stamina
  • improve memory
  • focus attention
  • improve self-talk
  • think clearly
  • eliminate test-taking anxiety

Optimize Your Health and Wellbeing

Taking care of yourself is very important. You exercise and watch what you eat. You want to be proactive and do everything possible to be healthy and to age gracefully.

It is possible to take your health to the next level and strengthen your nervous system, cardiorespiratory system and mind / brain to ensure a long healthy life. Enhanced Performance Training® can:

  • improve memory
  • balance mood
  • increase energy
  • build resilience
  • think clearly
  • improve sleep

Integrated Strategies

EPT uses state-of-the-art bio- and neuro-technologies, cardiorespiratory training, coaching, Wisdom Skills, nutrition and exercise to assess and graph how your body and brain function in real time enabling you to improve your health and maximize your innate abilities.

With training you become more productive and function beyond your present level of performance.

  • inspired by NASA
  • 50+ years of research
  • assessment-based
  • personalized training

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