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Optimal Health

"The good news is that the brain is plastic until you die. That means you can count on it staying vibrant and alert if you stoke its electrical engine with novelty and challenge. The goal is to drive our aging and less efficient brains in a positive and corrective direction. Don't rest on your laurels."

- Michael Merzenich, PhD, University of California at San Francisco

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Biofeedback and Neurofeedback can take you beyond baseline functioning into the realm of optimal health and healthy aging where a responsive body and creative mental processing excel. The goal is to maximize your ability to use all your skills at their fullest no matter your age.

No longer is this type of training the purview of elite athletes, musicians, artists, performers and business professionals.

Neuroscience is proving the brain is not fixed but is in fact very flexible and capable of enormous change. This flexibility is known as brain plasticity. This means you can train your brain at any age to improve its function.

How effectively you function and perform in your daily life depends on how well your brain, nervous system and heart and lungs work together.

Stress, aging, illness, and normal wear-and-tear play havoc with your brain-body systems.

Using assessment findings and your specific goals Enhanced Performance Training® will develop a personalized training program that changes your physiology and brainwave patterns moving you into better health and well-being.


Neurofeedback: Unlock Your Brain's Potential (2:14 minutes) Life Stone Counseling Centers



Enhanced Performance Training® enables you to: