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"Think of yourself on the threshold of success. A whole, clear, glorious life lies before you. Achieve! Achieve!"

- Andrew Carnegie

Enhanced Performance Training® teaches practical biofeedback and neuroscience skills to maximize the ability to perform effectively in challenging situations. Participants improve brain function, train their mind and their physiology to produce optimal outcomes that can be generalized to any situation. For example, training:

"[Careers are] not a ladder; they're a jungle gym...look for opportunities, look for growth, look for impact, look for mission. Move sideways, move down, move on, move off. Build your skills, not your resume. Evaluate what you can do, not the title they're going to give you. Do real work...and don't expect a direct climb."

- Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Harvard Business School, 2012

A volunteer will be hooked up to the biofeedback and neurofeedback equipment. Their physiology and brainwave patterns will then be observed changing in real time as the volunteer follows the training program along with the remaining participants.

Training is experiential and time-specific based on the groups' goals, e.g., building resilience.

Shifts in physiology and brain waves are initially subtle as the body resets itself to learn a new task. Observing these shift in the volunteer being monitored provides immediate and direct feedback that mirrors the physiological shifts occurring in all the participants as a result of the training.


Enhanced Performance Training® enables you to: